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Restaurant Air Scrubber: What is it, Review, Innovative System of Torch-Air PCU, How to Choose a Scrubber

Author: Michael Klepik, Chief Executive Officer

What is a Restaurant Scrubber

In commercial kitchens, pollution arises from various cooking processes. The primary sources of pollution include grease, which forms during frying and cooking over an open flame, and smoke, which results from the burning of oils and fats. These processes can also produce soot that settles on kitchen surfaces and in ventilation systems. Sparks and flames from grills and other open-flame equipment add to the fire hazard. Odors from cooking food can be unpleasant and difficult to eliminate without proper purification systems. Gas emissions, such as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, are released when using gas equipment. Dust and fine particles generated during cooking. To control these pollutants, commercial kitchens use ventilation and air purification systems, such as grease traps, smoke capture devices, and filters, which help maintain cleanliness and safety in the kitchen.
Commercial Kitchen
Commercial Kitchen
A restaurant scrubber is a device used to purify the air by removing grease, and other pollutants generated during cooking in commercial kitchens.

To effectively remove pollutants, restaurants install specialized pollution control units (PCUs), such as scrubbers and grease traps, which ensure safety and comfort on the premises.

The environmental benefit of using commercial restaurant odor exhaust scrubber lies in their ability to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment. These devices effectively capture and remove grease, fume, soot, and other pollutants generated during food preparation in the kitchen. As a result, purifiers help improve indoor air quality and prevent the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Thus, the use of purifiers contributes to compliance with environmental norms and standards, as well as creates more favorable conditions for the environment.


As evident from the review, wet PCUs are best suited for restaurants. We have developed an innovative wet cleaning system for hot airflow, effectively removing grease, sparks, flames, soot, and fumes — the restaurant scrubber system Torch-Air PCU. This equipment is efficient against all types of contaminants in a commercial kitchen and, most importantly, provides high fire and ignition protection.

The restaurant hood scrubber Torch-Air PCU is:
  • Low operating and maintenance costs. The device does not require filter replacement, it self-cleans. Servicing is very simple and can be handled by your staff without special knowledge. No consumables are needed.
  • Green Eco-Friendly. Helps minimize all harmful emissions from your enterprise into the environment and residential areas.
  • Compact in size, mounted in the air duct. We offer various options to ensure efficient operation and minimal space occupancy.
  • 100% Fire protection. Effectively captures sparks and cools hot airflow to an optimal temperature. Does not require the construction of a chimney.
Torch-Air Profi
Torch-Air Profi
The restaurant exhaust hood scrubber price varies depending on the model and features.
Designed for equipment:
  • Wood Fired Ovens
  • Pizza & Bread Ovens
  • BBQ & Fish Smokers
  • Wood Fired Grills
  • Grills & Charbroilers
  • BBQ Grill
  • Charcoal Ovens

Optimal Exhaust Management Systems

Ventilation, exhaust, and purification systems are essential for catering establishments due to the presence of apparatus emitting hot air, gas mixtures, tars, soot, dust, and other particles. Simple ventilation is inadequate. Industrial gas cleansing apparatus is often bulky and costly to manufacture, install, and maintain, especially for small enterprises without a direct roof route for combustion products. Torch-Air PCU spark arresting and gas cleansing systems offer a solution with advanced technology and industry standards. They have a lower pressure drop, saving ventilation power, and their Pollution Control Unit technology is consumable-free. Any employee can maintain the restaurant exhaust hood scrubber, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
1. Installed in the exhaust channel of a fireplace to filter out sparks and smoke. Installation options: near the source or in a separate ventilation chamber.
2. Installed in the exhaust channel of the oven to purify the air from fume. Installation options: under the ceiling or in a separate ventilation chamber.
The restaurant smoke scrubber effectively clears kitchen atmosphere of fumes.
In a grill bar, Torch-Air PCU is installed in the exhaust channel above the grill. The restaurant smoke scrubber effectively clears kitchen atmosphere of fumes.
Installation Options in the Bakery
A - Installed in the exhaust duct of a wood-fired oven for spark and smoke removal. Installation options: in close proximity to the source; in a separate ventilation chamber; under the ceiling.
B - Installed in the exhaust duct of a tandoor or electric oven for fume removal. Installation options: in close proximity to the source; in a separate ventilation chamber; under the ceiling.

The restaurant odor scrubber, equipped with advanced filtration technology, eliminates up to 99% of odors commonly found in commercial kitchens, ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere for customers and staff alike.

Principle of Operation of Torch-Air PCU

Contaminated gas enters the restaurant exhaust scrubber through the air duct. Nozzles spray a water mist that completely extinguishes sparks and lowers the temperature of the airflow. Next, it passes through three-stage mesh filters that capture large particles. A labyrinthine grease trap ensures heat and mass exchange between the flue gases and water. Pollutants remain in the water, and clean air passes further. A plate demister completes the purification process. Dirty water accumulates in the drainage device and is removed from the system.

How to Choose a Scrubber

When selecting a commercial air scrubber for restaurant, it is recommended to consider the following factors:
  1. Types of pollutants: Determine the main types of pollutants present in your restaurant. These may include grease, fumes, odors, etc. Open flame sources such as grills and wood-fired ovens significantly narrow down the choice of suitable filtration equipment, as there are few spark-arresting devices available.
  2. Performance: Take into account the volume of air that needs to be purified.
  3. Safety requirements: Ensure that the chosen equipment complies with local regulations and safety standards, paying particular attention to fire safety.
  4. Efficiency and energy savings: Carefully study these indicators.
  5. Consider the available space and the requirements for installation.
  6. Maintenance and warranty: Check the maintenance terms and evaluate its cost.
  7. The restaurant quality metal scrubber ensures thorough cleaning of kitchen equipment and surfaces.
If you need assistance in choosing equipment, we're here to help! We'll handle all calculations and provide free consultations. Our manufacturing is located in the USA — we guarantee high quality and ensure a high degree of air purification.
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We always make extremely precise calculations and provide assistance in choosing the optimal cleaning systems, which usually takes 1 to 2 days.
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