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Production of Industrial Air Cleaning and Filtering Equipment

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We always make extremely precise calculations and provide assistance in choosing the optimal cleaning systems, which usually takes 1 to 2 days.
Head of Engineering,
Vladimir Nikulin
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For the Sake of Our Environment and Our Clients, We Offer the Best Conditions Possible

We Customize Installations to Suit Your Company
For instance, we can design a filter to be mobile or to suit specific size. We’ll help spare you the hassle of a long and cumbersome project with additional equipment — a long air duct, more powerful fan, and compressor.
Seamless Operation and Servicing
Straight-forward, fool-proof replacement of filtration element and filter management systems. Everything is done with the help of modern relays, logic controllers, and under generally accepted norms.
Easy Installation
Whether on your own or with the help of our team.
Semi knocked down assembly is performed based on instructions, such as in furniture assembly. The installation service is available for time-saving purposes.
We Render Production Sites More Environment and Employee-Friendly
We help ensure that production sites all over the world reduce the negative impact they have on the environment. Our cleaning systems help minimize harmful waste.
Up to 99.99% Air Cleaning
Collected case data confirm up to 99.9% cleaning. This data is confirmed by lab tests and certificates.
20-Year Service Life
2-Year Warrantee
We choose the gas flow speed so that the gas flows as slowly as possible. This helps minimize the load on the filter frame and wear abrasion.
We Offer to Help Our Clients Achieve Their Objectives in a Customized Fashion
We offer a broad selection of additional cleaning system packages and size for any client and project.
Answer just a few questions and we will calculate the optimal filter for your production site:
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We Have Manufactured Filters for Over 300 Enterprises

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