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Baghouse for Cleaning Air at an Asphalt-Concrete Plant

Air cleaning at an asphalt-concrete plant (ACP) entails a complex selected for each specific process. The nature of the contamination, size of the dust, and the temperature of the air flow are all important when it comes to choosing air cleaning equipment.

Equipment Request

A Torch-Air client was specifically interested in cleaning the air in the process of their asphalt-concrete mixture drying in the ACP furnace. That mixture included ballast, sift (ballast dust), and sand. Exhaust from the rotating churn had a significant dust level and were up to 200 ppm. The ACP producer factory featured an exhaust fan performance of 15000-18,000 cfm. The production site operates both during the warm and cold seasons.

Equipment Proposed from Torch-Air Factory

Torch-Air's technologists deemed the BLIZZARD pulse jet baghouse the optimal selection for this production site, since the shaker baghouses couldn't effectively handle such a dust level.

BLIZZARD baghouse is designed for a performance of 15000-18,000 cfm based on the client's request. It works with an air temperature of up to 392 °F, which corresponds to the maximum furnace exhaust temperature at this ACP. The filtration bags are made of the material meta-aramid (Nomex brand). The ACP's engineers know this filtration material very well and it has earned quite a reputation for itself. The filtration bags can withstand short term temperature boosts of up to 428 degrees but under such a temperature jump, induction of atmospheric air is featured for the purpose of reducing the gas flow temperature to ensure that no deformation of the expensive filtration bags occurs. In order so that the baghouse can work during the cold season as well, we insulated the filter frame with mineral wool.

We installed a worm under the filter hopper which returned product captured by the filter back into the production process. This reduces the required production expenses.

Benefits of the BLIZZARD Baghouse

  • It works with practically any level of dust and cleans air of up to 99% of dust.
  • It is a reliable, thrifty device.
  • It withstands high flow temperatures. Any flow temperature can be adjusted for upon request. Most often, an ACP requires an installation with an operating temperature of up to 392 °F. Sometimes, the production process requires other temperature regimens as well. We can use the filtration material that suits your processes.
  • It installs quickly and easily and can be taken down just the same if necessary.
  • Available elements.

The working principle of BLIZZARD Dust Collector

The contaminated air enters BLIZZARD via an air pipe (or gas pipe) into the dirty chamber, after which the dust particles settle down onto the bags while the cleaned air passes through the bags and enters the clean chamber, then exiting the filter outside or back into the facility with the help of the fan.
BLIZZARD baghouse from Torch-Air has earned itself a reputation as the optimal choice for an air cleaning system under various levels of dust.
Publication date: Oct 24, 2019
Operating in USA, Canada, and Mexico
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