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Vortex Cyclone Cartridge Dust Collector

Performance: 500 — 1200 cfm (850 — 2040 m³/h)
Dust cleaning efficiency of 99.9% depending on the dust load and temperature: All characteristics
Price: varies depending on the package
5-Year guarantee
Easy installation and operation
Over 10 years of service life
Eco Friendly
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High degree of up to 99,99% cleaning for dust 5 micrometers in size and up
Efficiency depends on the quantity of dust, temperature, and moisture

Cartridge Dust Collector Description

Vortex Cyclone is designed for removing and cleaning dust-laden air comprised by mixtures of dust and fine and coarse metal shavings forming in the course of the processing of materials, including as a consequence of raw and dry polishing on sharpening, polishing, and metal-cutting machines. It also comes with very straightforward filter control with no need to learn any special programs.
Operation limitation: use of the structure is forbidden in explosion hazard facilities as well as in facilities with a concentration of fine, dispersed dust over 0.4 ppm and less than 20 μm with a particle temperature of over 212 F° entering the cyclone.
Reliable, cylindrical cartridges
Provides for a lengthier filter service lifetime and high filtration efficiency as well as, consequently, a reduction in operational expenses for you!
Large filter material area
The folded filtration material structure is designed as very compact and a single such cartridge has a filtration surface of 15-20 bags!

Economic Cartridges

The most common type of cartridge
Thanks to the great popularity of cylindrical cartridges, you can quickly find the one that suits you and replace it with ease.

Convenient, Reliable Machine

The large-node, bolt-mounted assembly takes place based on instructions, as in the case of furniture assembly, with no welding or complex manipulations.
Thanks to the modular design, delivery of the filter requires no special transportation and takes less time to perform.
Quick and easy installation
Simple, quick transportation

Improved Construction According to the Client’s Individual Tasks

Powerful and efficient fans
Selection of maximal performance fan from the perspective of efficiency, pressure, and energy consumption.
Negative pressure
The filter works under negative air pressure from the fan
Simple maintenance
The filter's design is made in such a way that servicing takes up a minimum of time. It features the ability to install service hatches and doors.
Takes up minimal space and is made ready for quick operation.
Properly designed and tested at various production sites
Proper air passage speed through the filter cartridges allows for air to be excellently filtered and for the cartridges to clean themselves. That renders the filter economical and reliable.
Optional alternate design
Based on the client's wishes, size can optionally be changed, and performance can also be augmented. We have a large selection of additional package elements.

Fundamental Differences From the Other Models

Cylindrical cartridge used
Closed type dust collector
Manual cleaning method for the filter cartridge
Furthermore, the filters are protected with special metallic lamellae to reduce the wear on them

Areas of Use

Vortex Cyclone cleans the air while processing a range of materials: metals, carbide, stellite material, aluminum, copper alloys, leather, rubber, polyurethane, and vinyl. Recommended for use in polishing group machines, crosscut saws, emery cloths, sharpening accessories, manual polishing machines, and drilling machines.

The dust collector is suitable for most areas of industry and production sites.
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Wood-processing industry
  • Oil and chemical industry
  • Fossil fuels extraction
  • Flour-grinding mills
  • Cement plants
  • Asphalt and concrete plants
  • Plastic and glass wares production factories
  • PWM and gypsum production
  • Production sites equipped with different types of ovens

How It Works

First, dust-laden air enters the cyclone for the first cleaning stage (coarse cleaning) and performs the role of spark stunting, preventing hot, coarse particles from getting into the filter for fine cleaning.
Large particles settle into the accumulator tank in the cyclone. During the second stage (fine dust cleaning), the air enters the filter cartridge where final cleaning and return of the cleaned air into the facility takes place.


The Specifications depend on the package elements. For each client, we create a project based on a detailed survey about the production site and the nature of the dust.
A filter can be produced in an unconventional design, depending on the technical needs of the client.


Basic package per module

There may be more modules based on the client’s technical task
Coated carbon steel frame
Supports and hopper
Filter cartridge
Operating manual, operation instructions, and installation instructions
Certificates and patents

Filter Cartridges

We use a channeled cartridge as the filtering component. Thanks to the folded structure, the filter material is placed very compactly. For instance, a single standard cartridge of Ø12.8 in, 39 in tall has a filtering surface area of 178 ft² and replaces 15 - 20 bags.

The filter material entails a very thin (about 0.02 in), solid material with small pores. It is rated within the F7-F9 classes in terms of Eurovent’s cleaning quality standards, outperforming in this component materials usually used in cartridge filters.

The gas goes from outside the cartridge and enters and the dust particles settle on the outside part of the filter while the clean air passes inside the cartridge and leaves the filter outside.
The filter component becomes dirty every now and then and is cleaned manually.

The filter cartridges withstand a dust load of up to 2 ppm. A Cyclone will have to be placed in front of the equipment if the load is to get any more than that.

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