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TORCH-AIR Profi New: Air Pollution Control Unit and Spark, Smoke, Grease, and Temperature Arrestor

Air Volume: 600 — 12 000 CFM (1000 — 20000 m³/h)
Spark extinguishing 100%, ash, soot, and grease 95%, smoke and odor ≥ 40%: All characteristics
Price: by request depending on the package
5-Year guarantee
Easy installation and operation
Over 10 years of service life
Eco Friendly
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Spark extinguishing 100% effective, ash, soot, and grease removal 95% efficient, smoke and odor removal at least 40% effective.
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TORCH-AIR Profi New: Advanced Wet Filter and Spark Arrester for Ultimate Flame Safety and Air Purity

The TORCH-AIR Profi New wet filter spark arrester is designed for installation on grills, charcoal grills, pizza ovens, tandoors, grills, fireplaces, sauna stoves, and other devices that use open flames or charcoal. It cools smoke, extinguishes and captures sparks from open flames, and cleans the air of grease, soot, and tar, completely preventing their deposition on the walls of chimneys and air ducts. It reduces the intensity of smells and smoke emanating from grills and stoves
TORCH-AIR Profi New — a new generation wet Pollution Control Unit (PCU) – spark and flame arrester (scrubber for restaurants or wet filter).

Improved Design Customized for the Client's Objectives

Quickly eliminate smoke, soot, dust, and odors from two wood burning or coal-fired ovens and stoves simultaneously.
1. Efficient Smoke, Soot, Dust, and Odor Elimination
Install inline of the chimney to bring your restaurant up to code, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety standards are met.
2. Meets OSHA, EPA, Federal and Regional Codes & Regulations CETL Certified
Stops 100% of sparks, 95% of grease, tar, ash, and other particles, ensuring clean air and a healthier environment. Additionally, it reduces smoke by 60%.
3. High Performance
Effectively remove smells and extract fumes without the need for filter replacements.
4. Odor Removal
Enjoy very low maintenance requirements, saving time and money in the long run.
5. Low Maintenance
With high-heat capacity, the system is built to withstand the demands of commercial kitchens, industrial settings, and more.
6. Heat Resistant
Contribute to environmental sustainability with a green and eco-friendly air purification solution.
7. Green and Eco-Friendly
Benefit from fast and easy installation, making it convenient for commercial kitchens, bars, restaurants, and various other settings.
8. Easy Installation
Suitable for a wide range of applications including pizza shops, log boilers, industrial waste management, incinerators, crematories, and more.
9. Versatile Application
Enjoy low operation costs, reducing your overall expenses while maintaining optimal air quality.
10. Cost-Effective

Filter Structure and Design

The TORCH-AIR Profi New wet filter is designed with features that ensure efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance, ideal for environments with open flame cooking devices:
Spray Nozzles:
The nozzles in this wet filter do not clog and perform excellently with dirty water, ensuring consistent operation.
Body and Hydraulic System:
Made from chemically resistant stainless steel, the construction is robust enough to withstand harsh operating conditions.
Adaptive Flange System:
Thoughtfully designed to save valuable space in the restaurant, allowing installation in hard-to-reach areas.
Control Panel:
Operation is facilitated through a control panel with buttons and indicators, available as an optional accessory. This panel simplifies monitoring and adjustments.
Automatic Alerts:
The system notifies in case of emergencies such as fan failure or water supply issues.
Operation Modes:
The wet filter can be operated manually or fully automatically with a "set it and forget it" option, including the ability to set a weekly schedule for more convenience.
Leak-proof Design:
The unit is fully sealed to prevent leaks. Triple control of weld seams includes ultrasonic flaw detection, high-flow liquid filling, and a four-hour testing of the assembled unit to ensure integrity.
Standard Equipment:
The wet filter comes fully assembled and includes a detergent (gel) dispenser as part of the standard package.
This design and setup make the TORCH-AIR Profi New an essential tool for managing air quality and safety in food preparation areas where open flames are used.

  1. The irrigation nozzles do not clog and work perfectly with dirty water.
  2. The housing and hydraulic system made of chemical-resistant stainless steel withstand demanding operating conditions.
  3. The adaptive flange system saves valuable restaurant space by allowing installation in hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Control panel with buttons and indicators.
  5. Packing cassettes for mass transfer (purification).
  6. Highly efficient droplet catcher.
  7. Water recirculation pump for water conservation.


Attention: For normal operation of the wet filters, it is crucial to ensure a reliable connection to the water supply and the sewage system. The drainage pipe from the wet filter to the sewage system or recirculating system must have a continuous slope throughout its length and should not form loops. Reduction of the cross-sectional area of the drainage duct throughout its length and the installation of shut-off elements (valves) are not permitted.
The wet filter is mounted using standard ventilation fixtures. Brackets can be attached with screws no further than 2 inches from the top surface.

What Sets TORCH-AIR Profi New Apart from Other Models

  • -1-
    This Pollution Control Wet Scrubber is innovative in terms of purification.
  • -2-
    This model allows for complete automation of the cleaning process: drainage and replenishment of water and cleaning agents, temperature and airflow control, and the choice of duct connection side.
  • -3-
    It the features a well-thought-out and modern industrial design.

Areas of Use

  • Wood Fired Ovens
  • Pizza & Bread Ovens
  • BBQ & Fish Smokers
  • Wood Fired Grills
  • Grills & Charbroilers
  • BBQ Grill
  • Charcoal Ovens

How It Works

The TORCH-AIR Profi New generation wet Pollution Control Unit (PCU) — spark arrestor operates on a recirculating and accumulative principle and is designed for installation on grills and other ovens using open flames or charcoal for cooking. This model employs industrial heat and mass exchange technology between water and smoke gases to prevent flame flashover into the chimney, extinguish sparks, cool air, and clean it from soot, grease, smoke, tar, and odors.
1. Smoke gases from the grill or oven enter the wet filter housing. The temperature of these gases can reach up to 250 degrees Celsius. In this part of the housing, there are spray nozzles that create a continuous curtain of coarse water droplets through which the smoke gases pass. This initiates the first stage of cooling, spark extinguishing, and cleaning of the smoke gases.

2. Next, the smoke gases and water droplets enter a section of the wet filter filled with non-combustible material featuring a developed labyrinthine surface. In the TORCH-AIR Profi New, this is a layer of packing housed in a cassette. The water droplets wet the surface of the packing, and as the smoke gases pass through the labyrinth formed by the moist packing, they change direction multiple times and are in prolonged contact with the water on the wet labyrinth's surface. This leads to effective heat and mass exchange between the smoke gases and water: the gases are cooled, and substances within them (soot, grease, smoke, tar, odors) transfer into the water and are washed off the surface of the packing.
3. The now cleaned and cooled air moves into the second part of the TORCH-AIR Profi New where further purification and drying occur. For these purposes, employs the classical industrial technology of a labyrinthine droplet catcher.
Water circulation (supply to the nozzles) in the TORCH-AIR Profi New is ensured by pumps installed on the Unit. To enhance the cleaning efficiency of the smoke gases and to maintain the TORCH-AIR Profi New in working condition for longer, a special surfactant in the form of a gel is automatically added to the circulating water. This substance continuously washes the wet labyrinth, preventing its contamination with soot and grease and improving the solubility of grease and tar in water.

If the water temperature exceeds set parameters, an automatic water replacement occurs in the TORCH-AIR Profi New (dirty hot water is drained to the sewer, and clean cold water is supplied from the water mains).

Water level and temperature are monitored by sensors installed on the TORCH-AIR Profi New


The performance specification depends on the package elements. We create each project customized for the client bases on a detailed questionnaire on their industrial site.


Light cleaning of mesh filters and internal surfaces should be done at least once a week using cleaning agents, along with checking the functionality of the nozzles.

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