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TORCH-AIR Mini: Air Pollution Control Unit and Spark, Smoke, Grease, and Temperature Arrestor

Air Volume: 100 — 6 500 CFM (170 — 11000 m³/h)
Spark extinguishing 99%, ash, soot, and grease 95%, smoke ≥ 40%, odor ≥ 20%: All characteristics
Price: by request depending on the package
5-Year guarantee
Easy installation and operation
Over 10 years of service life
Eco Friendly
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Spark extinguishing 99% effective, ash, soot, and grease removal 95% efficient, smoke removal at least 40% effective, odor removal at least 20% effective.
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TORCH-AIR Mini: Compact Pollution Control Unit

The wet scrubber for restaurant and café kitchens is made from AISI stainless steel and is equipped with a sprayer, mesh filters, and plumbing fixtures, depending on the model. It features a removable cover that provides easy access to the filter's interior for cleaning and maintenance. The cover is fitted with latches that allow it to be removed without the need for tools. All internal components, except for the sprayer, can also be removed without tools. Water can be supplied either from the mains water supply or from a recirculating water system. The drainage is designed to either connect to the sewage system or flow back into a recirculation tank.
TORCH-AIR Mini pollution control unit (PCU) or spark arrester are designed to purify air from sparks, smoke, odors, soot particles, grease, and ash. Specifically developed for air purification in restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, BBQs and similar establishments.

For those who don't have space for a TORCH-AIR Profi.

Improved Design Customized for the Client's Objectives

Quickly eliminate smoke, soot, dust, and odors from two wood burning or coal-fired ovens and stoves simultaneously.
1. Efficient Smoke, Soot, Dust, and Odor Elimination
Install inline of the chimney to bring your restaurant up to code, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety standards are met.
2. Meets OSHA, EPA, Federal and Regional Codes & Regulations CETL Certified
Stops 99% of sparks, 95% of grease, tar, ash, and other particles, ensuring clean air and a healthier environment. Additionally, it reduces smoke by 60%.
3. High Performance
Effectively remove smells and extract fumes without the need for filter replacements.
4. Odor Removal
Enjoy very low maintenance requirements, saving time and money in the long run.
5. Low Maintenance
With high-heat capacity, the system is built to withstand the demands of commercial kitchens, industrial settings, and more.
6. Heat Resistant
Contribute to environmental sustainability with a green and eco-friendly air purification solution.
7. Green and Eco-Friendly
Benefit from fast and easy installation, making it convenient for commercial kitchens, bars, restaurants, and various other settings.
8. Easy Installation
Suitable for a wide range of applications including pizza shops, log boilers, industrial waste management, incinerators, crematories, and more.
9. Versatile Application
Enjoy low operation costs, reducing your overall expenses while maintaining optimal air quality.
10. Cost-Effective

Housing Option

TORCH-AIR Mini horizontal. Does not require a fan**
TORCH-AIR Mini vertical with an additional level of filtration
TORCH-AIR Mini horizontal with an additional level of filtration
TORCH-AIR Mini vertical. Does not require a fan**
** Subject to proper chimney or duct design and good natural air draft.

The pollution control unit is installed in the ductwork leading from the canopy above the grill to the exhaust fan, as close as possible to the canopy. It is essential to have "water-tight" duct connections, meaning the incoming duct should insert into the exhaust port of the wet filter. Drainage slopes and airtight sealing of duct joints are mandatory. The ducts can be round or square in cross-section.

Filter Structure and Design

The main component used in the manufacturing of these devices is stainless steel.
Models without the option to alter the flow path are structured as follows:
Sealed housing:
Provides a robust and durable container for the filter components, ensuring no leakage of the internal processes.
Grease-trapping filters in labyrinth form:
These filters are designed to capture and condense grease from the air efficiently.
Liquid pressure sensor:
Monitors the pressure of the liquid within the system to ensure optimal operation and to prevent overpressurization.
Liquid spray system:
Disperses the liquid in fine droplets to increase the surface area for effective capture of particles and gases.
Mesh filters for spark extinguishing:
These filters are specifically designed to stop sparks from passing through the system, preventing potential fire hazards.
Moisture separation system:
Extracts moisture from the cleaned air, ensuring that the discharge air is dry. Coupling for removing used water allows for the easy disposal of water that has collected contaminants, maintaining the efficiency of the system.
Occasionally, for ease of management, wet filters are equipped with built-in automation and a closed liquid circuit with an additional cleaning system. This enhances the functionality and allows for automated control over the cleaning and maintenance processes.

To save water, we recommend using a recirculating water tank.


Attention: For normal operation of the wet filters, it is crucial to ensure a reliable connection to the water supply and the sewage system. The drainage pipe from the wet filter to the sewage system or recirculating system must have a continuous slope throughout its length and should not form loops. Reduction of the cross-sectional area of the drainage duct throughout its length and the installation of shut-off elements (valves) are not permitted.
The TORCH-AIR Mini is integrated into a vertical duct or into the outlet duct of the exhaust canopy. In this case, the height of the exhaust duct's outlet must be at least 4 inches. The wet filter is mounted using standard ventilation fixtures. Brackets can be attached with screws no further than 2 inches from the top surface.

What Sets TORCH-AIR Mini Apart from Other Models

  • -1-
    The smallest TORCH-AIR
  • -2-
    Operates from running water or from a recirculating water tank
  • -3-
    Affordable price for any business
  • -4-
    Very easy installation
  • -5-
    Manual control

Areas of Use

  • Wood Fired Ovens
  • Pizza & Bread Ovens
  • BBQ & Fish Smokers
  • Wood Fired Grills
  • Grills & Charbroilers
  • BBQ Grill
  • Charcoal Ovens

How It Works

Hot air from the source of open flame enters the spark arrester through a water curtain created by the nozzle, where it is cooled and cleaned of some impurities. Sparks are simultaneously extinguished. Then the air passes through mesh filters, where it is finally cleaned according to technical specifications.


The performance specification depends on the package elements. We create each project customized for the client bases on a detailed questionnaire on their industrial site.


Basic equipment package

Housing TORCH-AIR Mini
Mass transfer cassette
User manual

Additional package

Additional set of nozzles
Additional set of mass transfer cassettes
Droplet separator
Recirculating water tank with pump
Temperature control sensor
Water pressure gauges


Cleaning of mesh filters and internal surfaces should be done at least once a week using cleaning agents, along with checking the functionality of the nozzles.

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