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WALL PASSAT Portable Cartridge Dust Collector

Performance: 1000 cfm (1700 m³/h)
Dust cleaning efficiency of 99.9% depending on the dust load and temperature: All characteristics
Price: varies depending on the package
5-Year guarantee
Easy installation and operation
Over 10 years of service life
Eco Friendly
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High cleaning efficiency of up to 99,99% for dust at least 200 nm in size.
Efficiency depends on the quantity of dust, the temperature, and the humidity.
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Wall Dust Collector Description

Wall PASSAT dust collection unit is suitable for filtering one or two workplaces. It can both be attached to a wall and a floor support. It creates comfortable work conditions without producing any drafts or leaving dirty air.
Its equipped with an automatic compressed air cartridge cleaning system.
It cleans the air of welding smoke, sprays, metal cutting dust, as well as dust from similar materials produced by machines, polishing, cleaning, and soldering.

Enhanced turn wheels with a locking mechanism
The wheels ensure high maneuverability for the dust collector and facilitate operation in the conditions of a limited space.
Two-stage spark and flame protection
The clearing spark damper panel protects the filter elements from the abrasive impact of small particles and sparks. An additional panel to hold off coarse dust particles, sparks, and reduced cartridge wear.

Mobility, Safety, and Convenience

Automatic filter element cleaning
The dust collector can possibly be used without any exhaust devices to connect it to an air duct network.
Money saved by not having to replace cartridges as often
The dust settles right down into the hopper, thus reducing the wear on the filter cartridges.
Even gas flow distribution
This increases the service life of the filters and the air cleaning improves, since the load on the cartridges is even and this allows you to reduce your operation expenses.

Economical Cartridges With Automatic Cleaning

Provide for lengthier filter service life and high dust collection efficiency and thus a reduction in operation costs for you!
Thanks to the folded structure, the filter material is placed very compactly. One single such cartridge has the filtration surface area of 15-20 bags!
Thanks to the major popularity of cylindrical cartridges, you will be able to quickly find one that’s suitable and replace it.
Reliable cylindrical cartridges
Large filtration material area
Most widespread type of cartridge

Improved Design for Customized Tasks From the Client

Powerful, efficient fans
Selection of the best-performing fan from the perspective of performance, pressure, and energy consumption.
Under negative air pressure
The filter works under negative air pressure from a fan
Straightforward maintenance
The filter’s design is done is such a way that maintenance takes a minimal amount of time. Maintenance hatches and doors can be installed as well.
Takes up only a little space and is quickly made ready for operation
Properly designed and tested at various production sites
Proper air flow speed via the filter cartridges allows for great air filtering and self-cleaning. That renders the filter economical and reliable.
Optional nontypical design
Based on the client’s request, size can be changed. Efficiency can also be increased. Furthermore, there is a large selection of additional package elements.

Main Differences From the Other Models

Vertical cartridge positioning
Equipped with automatic pulse jet cartridge system
Cleaned air exits from the top

Spheres of Use

The filter is suitable for most areas of industry and enterprise
  • Welding works
  • Workshops and educational institutions
  • Laboratories
  • Cement industry and construction material production
  • Chemical industry
  • Black and colored metallurgy
  • Food industry

How It Works

The dust collector is located as close as possible to the source of the dust. Contaminated air is sucked into a bag funnel and enters the filter inside the dirty air chamber. It spreads evenly there thanks to the clearing spark damper panel and additional panel for holding back abrasive materials and reducing the wear on the filter elements.
Then the dirty air passes through the filter cartridges. The dust and dirty particles are held up on the external surface of the cartridges while the cleaned air exits the filter with the help of a fan installed in the muffled chamber.
An additional cleaning finishing filter can be installed at the cleaned air's exit.

Pulse Jet Cleaning System

The cleaning of the dusty filter elements is performed using a compressed air impulse with the help of a built-in compressor or central compressor pathway. The compressed air is sent inside the cartridge from the receiver via the electromagnetic valves, discarding the dust off of its external surface.

After being shaken off the filter elements, the dust settles down into the dust container which must be periodically cleaned. The frequency of the cleaning is determined based on the conditions of the filter’s operation.


The Specifications depend on the package elements. For each client, we create a project based on a detailed survey about the production site and the nature of the dust.
The filter can optionally be designed as unconventional depending on the client's technical task.

Package Elements

Basic package

Coated carbon steel frame
Filter cartridges
Exhaust bag
Control automation
Dust box
User manual, operation instructions, and installation instructions
Certificates and patents

Filter Design and Arrangement

The dust collector entails wall installation near the contamination source or a device on a floor support. The collector design consists of:
• Frame with two dirty and clean air chambers
• Cylindrical cartridge filter elements
• Compressed air impulse self-cleaning cartridge system
• Built-in fan directing the cleaned air upward
• Automatic control system
• Dust box which can be suspended on the device as well as installed on the floor along with connecting the device with a flexible hose. That significantly facilitates the device’s maintenance.

Filter Cartridges

We use a channeled cartridge as the filtration component. Thanks to the folded structure, the filter material is placed very compactly. For instance, a single standard cartridge of Ø12.8 in 39 in tall has a filtering surface area of 178 ft² and replaces 15-20 bags.

The filter material entails a very thin (about 0.02 in), solid material with small pores. It is rated within the F7-F9 classes in terms of Eurovent’s cleaning quality standards, outperforming in this component materials usually used in baghouses.
The gas goes from outside the cartridge and enters, the dust particles settle on the outside part of the filter while the clean air passes inside the cartridge and leaves the filter outside.

The filter cartridges withstand a dust load of up to 2 ppm.

Filter Control

Smart automation control: a guarantee of uninterrupted operation
Control of the filter is performed with the help of a controller or remote control. This system operates in a closed cycle but can be reconfigured depending on the client’s needs.

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