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BREEZE 17 Vibro Silo Dust Collector With Automatic Shaking

Performance: 100 — 1400 cfm (170 — 2370 m³/h)
Dust cleaning efficiency of 99.9% depending on the dust load and temperature: All characteristics
Price: varies depending on the package
5-Year guarantee
Easy installation and operation
Over 10 years of service life
Eco Friendly
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It has a high cleaning rate of up to 99,99% for dust 3 micrometers or larger.
Its efficiency depends on the quantity of the dust, the temperature, and the moisture.
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Silo Dust Collector Description

Breeze 17 Vibro reliable, thrifty baghouse for cleaning air for silos with automatic vibrational cleaning for the filter bags. Handling a dust load of up to 10 ppm and practically any type of dust, its straightforward control doesn't require knowledge of any programs on your company’s part. It’s supplied in pre-assembled form and ready for operation immediately after installation. The baghouse is delivered with a response flange which is installed on the roof of the silo.
Dust load of up to 10 ppm
Round bags are installed in the baghouse that are suitable for operation under conditions of coarse dust contamination.
High operation air temperature of up to +536 ˚F
The baghouse works with air flows of up to 300 ˚С in the standard package. Otherwise, by request, a baghouse with a temperature of up to 536 ˚С can be manufactured as well.

A Convenient, Reliable Device

Quick and easy installation
A counterflange is supplied for baghouse connection, which must be welded to the silo. The silo itself is then subsequently installed on the flange. It is delivered in fully assembled form and will already be ready for operation.
Quick and easy transportation
Thanks to its modular design, delivering the baghouse doesn't require any special transportation and takes less time.

Improved Design Customized for the Client's Objectives

Takes up only a little space and is quickly made ready for operation
Under pressure
The filter works under air pressure from a fan
Straightforward maintenance
The filter’s design is done is such a way that maintenance takes a minimal amount of time. Maintenance hatches and doors can be installed as well.
Properly designed and tested at various production sites
Proper air flow speed via the filter bags allows for great air filtering and self-cleaning. That renders the baghouse economical and reliable.
Optional nontypical design
Based on the client’s request, size can be changed. Efficiency can also optionally be increased. Additionally, there is a large selection of additional package elements.

Main Distinctions From Other Models

Developed specially for silos
It’s equipped with an automatic shaking system.
Installation flange in the package. Delivered with a response flange that is installed on the roof of the silo.

Areas of Use

The filter is suitable for most areas of industry and enterprise.
  • Glass industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Metal processing
  • Welding processes
  • Mountain ore extraction
  • Engineering enterprise

How It Works

The dust-laden air rises out of the silo and enters the baghouse. Clean air passes through the filter bags. The dust is left on the exterior of the filter bag. The cartridge is cleaned every now and then using vibration.


The Specifications depend on the package elements. For each client, we create a project based on a detailed survey about the production site and the nature of the dust.
Each table parameter can be modified based on the client’s request.

Basic Package

Coated carbon steel frame
Shaking system. Delivered with an on/off remote-control stick
Filter bags
Installation flange for a silo
Operating manual, operation instructions, and installation instructions
Certificates and patents

Round Filter Bags

Round bags out of nonwoven material on top of a metal cage are included in the BREEZE 17 Vibro delivery package.
Sewn into the filter bags are steel rings, which increases the shaking amplitude during the regeneration process.
The round filter bags with shaking cleaning withstand a dust load of up to 10 ppm
The bags can be manufactured out of the following materials: polyester, Met-Aramid, PPS, and anti-static effect material. The material for the filter bags is selected on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the technical task.

Filter Control

Smart automation control: a guarantee of uninterrupted operation

Control of the filter is performed with the help of a controller or remote control. This system operates in a closed cycle but can be reconfigured depending on the client’s needs.
We offer the filter fully packaged with an automatic control system, analysis, fire extinguishing, etc. In the standard package, a temporary controller is installed, and a Siemens controller can also be included in the package, depending on your needs.

Vibrating Cleaning System

The internal parts of the filter bag over time get covered in dust, which increases the filter's resistance. In order to prevent that resistance from growing, the filter elements need to be periodically cleaned.
“BREEZE 17 Vibro” is equipped with a built-in vibrational cleaning mechanism. Vibrational cleaning of the dusty bags is performed via periodic vibration. For that purpose, a vibration plate with a vibrator is installed in the center of the baghouse frame.
Shaking of the filters occurs automatically and based on a timer via specific time intervals. The duration and time period of the shaking are set independently using the controller installed on the body of the vibration filter. The cleaning system does not have to be stopped in order to clean the baghouse elements.
The vibration engine shakes the rod that the filter bags are attached to. The dust settled on the bags falls back into the silos.

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