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BREEZE C Pneumatic Pulse Jet Silo Filter

Performance: 300 — 3000 cfm (500 — 5100 m³/h)
Dust cleaning efficiency of 99.9% depending on the dust load and temperature: All characteristics
Price: varies depending on the package
5-Year guarantee
Easy installation and operation
Over 10 years of service life
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High cleaning efficiency of up to 99,99% for dust at least 200 nm in size.
Efficiency depends on the quantity of dust, the temperature, and the humidity.
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Silo Dust Collector Description

BREEZE C Pneumatic filter was developed for cleaning silo air. It is effective at cleaning practically any type of dust and features quick, straightforward maintenance, as the filters can be replaced easily using the side door. The automatic bag air cleaning system allows for cleaning to continue without the operational processes being interrupted. Its design in the form of a circle takes up less space and creates more stable, proper aerodynamic resistance, resulting in higher-quality air cleaning.
Dust load of up to 50 ppm
Round bags are installed in the filter which are suitable for operation under conditions of coarse dust contamination.
High operation air temperature of up to +536 ˚F
The filter works with air flows of up to 300 ˚F in the standard package. By request, a filter with a temperature of up to 536 ˚F can be optionally manufactured as well.

Efficient Cleaning. A Convenient, Reliable Device

Quick and easy installation
Large-node, bolt-mounted assembly is performed based on instructions like when assembling furniture. No welding or complex manipulations are required.
Quick and easy transportation
Thanks to the modular design, delivering the filter doesn't require any special transportation and takes less time.

Improved Design for Customized Tasks From the Client

Powerful, efficient fans
Selection of the best-performing fan from a performance, pressure, and energy consumption perspective.
Under pressure or negative pressure
The filter works both under pressure as well as under negative air pressure from the fan
Straightforward maintenance
The filter’s design is done is such a way that maintenance takes a minimal amount of time. Maintenance hatches and doors can be installed as well.
Takes up only a little space and is quickly made ready for operation
Properly designed and tested at various production sites
Proper air flow speed via filter bags allows for great air filtering and self-cleaning. That renders the filter cost-efficient and reliable.
Optional nontypical design
Based on the client’s request, the design and size can be changed. Its efficiency can also be optionally increased. Furthermore, there is a large selection of additional package elements clients can choose from.

Fundamental Distinctions From Other Models

Round filter bags
Filter frames
Installation ring in the package
Filter with automatic bag cleaning by air impact
Supplied with a response flange which is installed at the silo roof

Areas of Use

The filter is suitable for most areas of industry and enterprise.
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Wood-processing industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Mineral extraction
  • Flour mills
  • Cement plants
  • Asphalt and concrete plants
  • Plastic and glass item production factories
  • PWM and plaster production
  • Production sites equipped with various types of ovens

How It Works

Contaminated air enters BREEZE C Pneuamtic through an air pipe (or a gas pipe) into the dirty chamber, after which the dust particles settle onto the bags while the cleaned air passes through the round bags and enters into the clean chamber, after which the cleaned air exits the filter outside or back into the facility with the help of a fan or gravity.


The Specifications depend on the package elements. For each client, we create a project based on a detailed survey on the production site and the nature of the dust that’s present there.
Each table parameter can be modified based on the client’s request.

Package Elements

Basic package

Coated steel frame
Compressed air receivers
Diaphragm valve for bag cleaning
Round bags on a vertically placed metal cage
Maintenance door on the side of the filter for installing and changing out filter elements.
Filter control panel
Operating manual, operation instructions, and installation instructions
Easily removable inspection hatch for the filter
Double-coating of the entire filter
RAL 5003
Bag replacement
Removal of filter elements from the top
Dirty gas entry (typically from the side)
Clean gas exit (typically from the side)
Filter grounding

Additional package elements

We are always prepared to accommodate our clients and are willing to complement the standard package with any necessary functions, other characteristics, and any other parameters
  • The explosion-proof design consists of the installation of explosion-proof membranes (excess pressure membranes), the use of filter elements with anti-static fibers and threats, additional grounding systems, IP 64 electricity, etc.
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Explosion-proof membrane on the filter's frame
  • Dust pulse jet system or vibration reduction system for the hopper.
  • Chemical resistant coating.
  • Side removal of filter elements
  • Floors and stairs for filter maintenance
  • Filter frame insulation
  • Insulation and heating regeneration system
  • Heating of the filter and individual parts of it, drawing the heating toward the valves.
  • Smooth launch device (frequency transformer) for the fan, worm, and gate
  • The special control board is built based on a relay with a control module, connection, and management. The control board, tailored to your assignment, provides: data collection from the dust, pressure variation, and the equipment condition (fan, worm, feeder).
  • Operating condition, accidents, and technological blockage alarm
  • Emergency stop
  • Device deactivation from the fire alarm signal
  • Differential manometer variation between the “clean” and “dirty” areas
  • Filter cartridges for certain fine types of dust, high temperature (over 200° C), sticky, wet, etc.
  • The filter frame can be designed to have different types of steel.
  • Fans of different types: high pressure, medium, dust, corrosion resistant, and others
  • Different types of valves: reverse, flame, and overflow
  • Different colors of RAL coating
  • Manufacturing of the filter with any flange under the existing installation ring.
  • Installation of an automatic cleaning system with time-regulated cycles.
  • Replacement of a pulse jet filter with a reverse bag cleaning filter for use in locations where a compressor cannot be operated.
  • An oil and water separator

Round Filter Bags

Round bags out of nonwoven material on top of a metal cage are included in the BREEZE C delivery package.
Sewn into the bags are steel rings, which increases the shaking amplitude during the regeneration process.
The round bags with air cleaning withstand a dust load of up to 50 ppm
The bags can be manufactured out of the following materials: polyester, Met-Aramid, PPS, and anti-static effect material. The material for the bags is selected on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the technical task.

Silo Filter Control

Smart automation control: a guarantee of uninterrupted operation

Control of the filter is performed with the help of a controller or remote control. This system operates in a closed cycle but can be reconfigured depending on the client’s needs.
We offer a silo filter fully packaged with an automatic control system, analysis, fire extinguishing, etc. In the standard package, a temporary controller is installed, and a Siemens controller can also be included in the package, depending on your needs.

Pulse Jet System

The filtered bags periodically have dust get “stuck” on them, which increases the filter's resistance. In order that the system works without interruption and without any variations in pressure, the bags must be cleaned. The cleaning is performed in the following way:
1. In the clean air chamber, there are air pipes which run from the diaphragm valves of the air system. These valves are installed on the receivers that the compressed air is located in, which is used for the pulse jet.
2. The air is submitted from the compressor to the receivers. The valve works periodically, the air is submitted through the valve into the air pipe and is distributed from the air pipe with the help of the atomizer inside the bag.
3. The bag is shaken and blown on and the dust falls down into the hopper accumulator from the bag.
4. The dust can be extracted from the accumulator hopper in three ways depending on the technical task declared: a manual dust latch, a mechanical double dump, and an automatic gate. The standard version comes with a manual dust latch.

Pulse Jet Cleaning System Package

Compressed air receiver package
It is the receiver that accumulates air for the air blast. If there isn't enough air, the degree of cleaning will fall, the wear on the filters will increase, and the filter's performance will fall, since the filter’s aerodynamic resistance is increasing. There is a connector on the receiver to the compressor or to the general factory compressed air pathway as well as a moisture drain valve. In the event that “Breeze C” is installed somewhere other than a heated facility, we recommend installing an oil and water separation, thermal insulation, and air heating system.

Air valves
All valves are certified. Our valves are specialized for filter equipment air cleaning systems.
Air pipe system
This is either metallic or plastic. It all depends on the type of gas and temperature that the silo filter is cleaning. Nozzles are installed on the air pipes for more efficient cleaning of the silo filter element.

Regeneration system control is performed with the help of a special controller that configures the quantity of impulses and the frequency of the impulses.

Differential manometer (by order)
With a manometer, cleaning of the filter not only varies in time but also in terms of how “dirty” the cartridge gets. When the pressure falls in the filter chamber, the manometer submits a signal to the controller to initiate a forced draft. The differential manometer will also indicate an accident if one of the bags gets ruined.

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