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The “Rotoclone” Wet Dust Collector

Performance: 250 — 6 000 cfm (420 — 10200 m³/h)
Dust cleaning efficiency of 99.9% depending on the dust load and temperature.
Price: by request depending on the package
5-Year guarantee
Easy installation and operation
Over 10 years of service life
Eco Friendly
Obtain the cost and timeline for the equipment’s delivery
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The cleaning efficiency rate for dust at least 0.5 microns in size is 99.99%. Efficiency depends on the type of dust, temperature, and moisture.

Wet Scrubber Description

The Rotoclon is a wet dust collector which cleans dust passing through an air wall.

Smart Design: High Quality, Efficient Air Cleaning

Low aerodynamic resistance
The well-thought-out design of the wet dust collector facilitates the passage of a large air flow to be cleaned.
Dust load of up to 3 ppm
To increase the dust load, a cyclone or baghouse will have to be placed in front of the equipment.
Gas load of up to 0.5 ppm
There can optionally be more, but that will require size to be increased.
High tolerance of fluctuating loads
Stability in maintaining a high level of cleaning, efficiency, and temperature variations over the course of the wet scrubber's operation.
Minimal waste substances
The air cleaning process creates practically no waste. It doesn't get stopped up with a variety of substances. Furthermore, there is almost no water entrainment.

Main Distinctions From the Other Models

Compact size.
Straightforward maintenance

Spheres of Use

The filter is suitable for most areas of industry and enterprise
  • Engineering and metal processing
    Voltaic and electrochemical production sites, factories, plants, and lots. Processes: degreasing, pulverization, etching, bonderization, oxidation, anodizing, bichromate processing, processing in chromium anhydride, nickeling, chromizing, copperizing, tinning, lodging of tin-bismuth alloys, zincking, zinc anodization, cadmium coating, cadmium-tin alloy coating, brassing, leading, gilding, silvering, palladizing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing, and removal of copper, nickel, chrome, and tin.
  • Chemical industry
    Production of inorganic bonds: acids, alkali, ammonia, sodas, salts, and reagents. Production of rare and noble metals and concentrates. Chemical and chemical-metallurgical enterprises. Gas purification of various steams and compound chemical bonds.
  • Food industry
    Storages with freezer devices using ammonia as the cooling agent. Fishing complexes, meat packing plants, fish processing, meat processing industry, pork farms, poultry factories, and large horned cattle facilities.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Extraction of amines of restored sulfur, furfurole, and methanol bonds.
  • Laboratories
    Factory and experimental labs using reagents.
  • Processes of mass exchange and gas cleaning of hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, sulfuric acid steam, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, ammonium, etc.
  • Other spheres.

The Working Principle of Rotoclone

Contaminated gases enter inside the chamber with the help of a fan and are passed through opening canals.
The lower section of the Rotoclon is filled with water, the level of which is constantly maintained.
The gas flow hits the surface of the liquid while capturing some of the liquid and moving along the lower canal line. Then the liquid is cast off toward the upper line and forms a falling water curtain out of the opening at the outlet.
To liberate the gas of the remaining liquid droplet, they are sent to the knockout devices system.
The sludge stuck to the bottom is removed with a scraping transporter to a chute or sludge ditch.
With a local dust concentration of over 10 g/m³, it is recommended for use as a second stage, cleaning the air in advance in the simplest dry dust collectors for the purposes of reducing air consumption and sludge quantity.


The specifications depend on the package elements. For each client, we create a project based on a detailed survey about the production site and the nature of the dust and contaminations.
Each filter can optionally be designed in a non-standard execution, depending on the technical task of the client.


Rotoclon frame
Reverse liquid tank
Electric box
Instructions and documents

Additional package

We always compromise with the client and are willing to add the necessary functions range as well as other characteristics and parameters to the standard package.
We can supply any package for our client’s project.

Controlling the Wet Scrubber

Variations of control equipment package elements
  1. Manual control: the most affordable and inexpensive method.
  2. Semiautomatic: control on a temporary relay, preparation of a solution, and manual pouring of the solution.
  3. Automatic, time-based control, or regulated cycle control, determined by the client. Automatic preparation and dosing of the reagent solution.
In the standard package, the wet scrubber is automated at a minimal level – with transmitter level, pump activation, and pH monitoring.
For a higher level of automation, we can offer you:
  • Automatic refilling and discharge of the reagent
  • Automatic reagent preparation
  • Automatic water activation/deactivation
  • Connecting the automatic contact to the controller and pH meter.

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