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Industrial Baghouse Scrubbers: the Rub

Industrial scrubber machines are widely used in various industries to remove harmful pollutants and particulate matter from the air. They are effective in improving indoor air quality and reducing environmental pollution. In this article, we will take a closer look at these remarkable machines, their benefits, and how they compare to other air pollution control systems.

What is a Scrubber Device?

The two designs these systems are produced in is a dry baghouse and a wet scrubber. In addition to the solid particles that ordinary dust collectors handle, scrubbers do a more in depth job. Either baghouse scrubber cleans harmful gases flowing through a factory premises with various solvents that vacuumed air is passed through.

The dry baghouse system typically uses a series of fabric filters to capture particulate matter. The filters are made of materials such as woven or felted fabrics, and are arranged in a series of compartments or chambers. As the polluted air passes through the filters, the particles become trapped on the surface of the fabric.

Wet scrubbers, on the other hand, use a liquid spray to trap pollutants. The polluted air is passed through a chamber where it comes into contact with a liquid spray. The liquid may be water or a chemical solution, depending on the type of pollutant being removed. As the polluted air passes through the liquid spray, the pollutants become trapped in the liquid. The clean air is then released back into the atmosphere.
Scheme of а Baghouse
Scheme of а Baghouse
There are several types of wet scrubbers, including venturi scrubbers, packed bed scrubbers, and spray tower scrubbers. Venturi scrubbers use a high-velocity liquid spray to create a turbulent flow that traps pollutants. Packed bed scrubbers use a bed of packing material to increase the surface area available for pollutant removal. Spray tower scrubbers use a series of spray nozzles to create a mist that traps pollutants.

In terms of pollutant removal, wet scrubbers are generally more effective than dry baghouse systems. Wet scrubbers can remove a wider range of pollutants, including gases and vapors, as well as particulate matter. However, wet scrubbers are also more expensive to operate and maintain than dry baghouse systems.
Overview TORNADO-RP Vertical Scrubber With Random Packing — Video
When choosing between a baghouse and a wet scrubber, it is important to consider factors such as the type and quantity of pollutants being generated, as well as the cost and maintenance requirements of each system. A baghouse may be more suitable for facilities that generate large quantities of particulate matter, while a wet scrubber may be more suitable for facilities that generate a wider range of pollutants.

When Should I Get a Wet Scrubber Instead of a Baghouse?

While scrubber devices are highly effective in removing pollutants from the air, there are certain situations where a wet scrubber may be more suitable. Wet scrubbers, not a baghouse, are best suited for applications where there are high levels of gaseous pollutants and low levels of solid particles. They are also better suited for applications where the pollutants are water-soluble. Wet scrubbers are also more effective in removing heat and moisture from the air as well.

Baghouse or Wet Scrubber?

When choosing a pollution cleansing system, there are several factors to consider. Both types of scrubbers come with their own advantages.

Here’s why you might choose a baghouse rather than a wet scrubber:
  • No wastewater generation that has to be treated and disposed of – meaning savings and better care for the environment;
  • Lower operating cost;
  • Better for fine matter and acid gases;
  • More compact design;
  • More suitable for cement plants, steel mills, and incinerators.
These filters are also effective in capturing cyclone, aluminum, graphite dust, and other forms of metal particulate pollution, making them a versatile solution for air purification.
Here’s why you might choose a wet scrubber over a baghouse:
  • Greater efficiency;
  • More versatile: better at handling both acidic and alkaline exhaust gases;
  • Fire and explosion-safety, in the event that your premises have combustible materials;
  • The use of water as a scrubbing medium is more sustainable and renewable.

Gaining the optimal combination of operation cost, space preservation, and environmental friendliness has been a challenge in years’ past due to the variety of substances and specific dimensions of individual factories. However, more cutting-edge, hybrid developments have addressed this, such as the Tornado FB Fluidized Bed Scrubber from Torch Air, whose performance ranges from as little as 100 to as high as 175,000 cfm.
Its groundbreaking benefits include:
  • A universal industrial liquid cleaning bed scrubbers with a vertical mass-exchanging column;
  • Features a hollow frame for dust that doesn’t tend to stick;
  • Hopper for dust to settle straight down into
  • Floating type facilitates necessary boiling, foam formation, and enhanced contact between liquid and contamination, resulting in ultra-efficient cleaning;
  • Easy maintenance via doors and hatches;
  • Completely modifiable custom design, size, and productivity level.


A scrubber baghouse filter is an effective solution for removing pollutants from the air in various industrial applications. In choosing a cleaning system, it is important to consider factors such as the size and type of application, the type and concentration of pollutants on your premises, and the desired level of pollutant removal.

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